• Marshmallow Root, Fresh Rabbit, Eggs & Green Vegetables (ORGANIC and GRAIN FREE) Dog Biscuits (pk 30)

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THIS PRODUCT........ Has your dog been diagnosed with irritable bowel disease, this is about food allergies, your dog has probably been put on a special diet by your vet and dog treats are going to be difficult. Fear not, I specialise in baking for dogs With food allergies. If your vet has suggested that your dog has food allergies this is the listing you require. It’s grain free and baked with marshmallow root and wild fresh Rabbit, eggs and fresh green vegetables. Best of all these are baked with grain free flour, I make some of my own grain free flour with the aid of a dehydrator. Currently I’m making green Banana flour, potato starch flour, to name but a few. 

OUR PRODUCTS...... Each order is made freshly and posted out the very same day the first 24 hours are spent sourcing the ingredients freshly and Baking them, the next 24 hours see,s the biscuits going through their drying process before being cooled and wrapped and posted out to you. Storage is recommended in a cool dark place in your home in an airtight container preferably in your fridge. Our treats can be frozen perfectly well.

INGREDIENTS......We are all about organic, We source our ingredients locally and within a 15 mile radius of Northumberland where farm assured and locally grow are not just words, they are standards of quality. My suppliers like myself have a reputation to maintain and without it they nor I would not be in business very long.

STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS: All of our products are sold fresh and organic, meaning we nor our suppliers add any artificial preservatives to prolong the life of our products. Therefore storage is recommended to be refrigerated only or frozen.

ESPECIALLY DESIGNED We at canine-organics understand that each and every pet is different, For that reason we Bake each individual treat especially with your pet in mind: As well as the extensive range of flavours we offer, here at canine organics we know that every dog has different dietary needs and your canine companion may also have his/her favourite flavour. If you wish to use this service please contact us first to allow time to check availability with our local suppliers. Especially designed also means if your canine companion is a much larger breed or a toy/miniature dog then I can make these to your requirements. For 30 + years of my life I Have baked And always to my customers exacting specific requirements so nothing is to much trouble when it comes to looking after your pets.

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Marshmallow Root, Fresh Rabbit, Eggs & Green Vegetables (ORGANIC and GRAIN FREE) Dog Biscuits (pk 30)

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