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*Order any 2 bags of any of our products then we will provide you with 1 free bag *

Thank you for looking at my listing, I have many other flavours available if you care to click sellers other items. As this listing is for an artisan baked product it is baked specifically per each customer order therefore I carry no stock. As each Flavour is baked fresh to order I need time to go out and source the ingredients. I have therefore given 10 day,s as a maximum time for orders to be baked and in the post for you. This is a very long time and I have never taken 10 days before however in certain cases it can take longer to source the ingredients or at particular busy periods. I will always contact you prior to posting out and keep you fully updated. Thank you.

Thank you for looking at my listing, I have many other flavours available if you care to click sellers other items. As this listing is for artisan baked goods and I carry no stock each order is baked fresh to order I have given 10 day,s as a maximum time for orders to be baked and in the post for you. This is a very long time however I make up most of my own flour as well giving customers that little something extra. Also to date I have never taken 10 days before however in certain cases it can take longer to source the ingredients or at particular busy periods. I will always contact you prior to posting out and keep you fully updated. Thank you.

ALLERGIES: . ALLERGIES: PLEASE NOTE: ALLERGIES: if either yourself your pet or anyone who may handle our products suffers from allergies it best to contact us prior to ordering. I bake many flavours on different days and I make and use a lot of my own flours. . This flavour is for 

If your looking for a certain flavour that perhaps you’ve ordered in the past and can not find it please message me as I can bake it. It’s possibly not one of my better known flavours and I have just suspended it in favour of a new flavour Im trying out. If I can I like to add anew flavour a month so my regular customers are not sick of seeing the same old flavours. But please ask I can bake it for you. Like wise if you have your own idea for a flavour please let me know. 3 new flavours Coming soon are, 1/ chicken meatballs in a rich gravy. 2/ Turkey carrot and spinach. And 3/ mixed grill flavour Dog biscuits. Please ask if you don’t see this flavour listed yet. 

This item is available on our Buy 2 get 1 free products. This listing is for our organic dog friendly easy digestible cheese & Bacon Biscuits baked without grains. Grain free flours are used and cost quite a bit more than the grained flour. The extra cost in this listing reflects the extra work involved in making these biscuits as I now make all my own flour on the grain free listings. Buying this flour in ready made would make these treats unaffordable and would mean pets with grain allergies would not be represented in my listings and this is the main reason I exist. I bake organic healthy treats for every canine to enjoy however I have skills and I choose the more difficult option of baking for pet owners who find themselves challenged when deciding what to treat their dog with when a vet gives them the news that they have allergies. Having family members with two diabetic dogs in the same family I am well aware of the costs incurred, I am further aware that as I have somewhat of a niche market it would be easy to charge any price I choose. I do not bake for the money, I do this because I love to bake. I can bake for dogs with many health issues and I can bake for any size or breed of dog I can bake any shapes be your requirements smaller sized for recall training or larger as a normal treat or even larger as a special treat. If you think you can’t give your dog a treat because they have a specific illness then please contact me to discuss your needs. I am into my 11th year baking for dogs, I have hundreds of satisfied customers and I have been in the baking business over 30 years now. Most if not all of the biscuits listed for sale are on the buy 2 get 1 free it’s a lot of Biscuits so ideal for a lot of recall work or general treats. Grain free treats have benefits such as a low G,i dogs with a high glycemic index are prone to weight gain and can be more at risk of diabetes. There is also more protein per serving in grain free flours 58% fibre compared to 12.2% inwhile wheat flours. Fibre is known for reducing the absorption of sugars into the blood stream and lowers cholesterol. It’s a great choice of treat if you want a happy healthy dog.. 

PLEASE NOTE: This flavour like all our other treats are a speciality treat. We also have available Gluten/wheat free/diabetic/Vegan/and vegetarian treats. A cautionary note, if there is no gluten in grain free flour there is no elasticity, as there is no elasticity there is no strength and as such Biscuits can be broken in transit. As this is out of our remit I would ask that if this is likely to be an issue with you please re think this purchase. I will always put a few extra in to compensate.. Thank you.

OFFER: As well as our buy two packs get one free we’re adding something extra, a points bonus card and menu will be sent out with each order. Simply This treat like all of our treats can be Tailor made to suit your dogs needs. All our treats can be made diabetic friendly. Simply message prior to placing your order to discuss your exacting needs to make sure we have fully understood your requirement. Thank you. 

This listing is for our GRAIN FREE DIABETIC CHEESE & BACON DOG BISCUITS. Most Cheese has a very low G,I and as such has little to no effect on blood sugar levels. The bacon is dog friendly (NOT PORK) and again has low to no fat content giving Diabetic dogs a wider choice in flavours. However if you’d prefer another flavour in grain free then please message me first to make sure that I can source the ingredients and that it is a good fit for grain free. This listing is for Our smaller sized treats are An ideal size to use as recall or puppy training this is just one amongst our popular Range of Diabetic flavoured puppy dog training treats., also suitable for older Diabetic dogs. Please note these are DIABETIC TREATS and therefore not suitable for non diabetic dogs. These are smaller and are 50 to a bag so you can treat your DIABETIC Dog a little more often. These are Baked with all freshly sourced ingredients the flavour of these treats are the finest of cheese and bacon and are specifically made with dog friendly ingredients that you and I can eat. And our new seasonal flavour of Roast turkey & Fresh cranberry... Please note if your happy to have cheese and bacon flavour then simply click buy. If you require a different flavour please message me prior to ordering as some flavours are not compatible for DIABETIC dogs. Giving diabetic biscuits to a non diabetic dog can cause serious risks to health and in some cases can be fatal. Thank you. 

We offer many other flavours such as our Toulouse sausage range of treats for people worried about worms and parasites in the gut. I like to promote one of our other treats so our customers know we can bake treats which can target specific issues. The most common cause for Diarrhoea are parasites or eating something rancid, small dead animals is common, or breaking bits off of their rubber toys. In puppies it’s usually worms, roundworms or hook worms. Chronic diarrhoea is a different issue and may need vets treatment but as an aid to drying up the diarrhoea before spending money on huge vets bills. Food allergies and intolerances need to be diagnosed by a qualified vet. 

PLEASE NOTE: Our Treat bag sizes are 30 treats per bag To take advantage of our buy two get one free (Your free bag needs to be one of the flavours you have selected). To activate the buy two gate one free simply go to checkout and change the quantity number from 1 to 2, we shall add the third one completely free of charge, Thank you. We give you an option of flavours to choose from. You can choose another two flavours from the list below. If you choose to purchase our gluten free or wheat free treats Or our diabetic/calming treat range they will be listed separately as there is a £1 surcharge for these, the flours and the bonding agents used are more costly for us to purchase and the baking temperatures and times vary.Thank you

STORAGE: could I please ask that you read our storage information as it is very important in prolonging the life of your treats. 

OUR TREAT sizes are 30 treats per bag, this listing however is for 50 smaller sizes for the smaller breed, there may be chocking hazard if given to a large breed dog, we are still offering buy two bags and get one bag free. We are also offering an even wider range of treats now, including some of the speciality items, like this listing which is for our diabetic pet treat. Please be aware that the diabetic range are designed that when eaten they lower blood sugar levels in your dog which makes them dangerous if eaten by non diabetic pets.. As well as our seasonal range we also offer our specialty meats range at seasonal times of the year. Our new range also includes our calming treats, a range of treats with either added Lavender or chamomile or valerian root. Our time frame for baking treats is 3 days as our meat ingredients are specifically ordered fresh and can take a day or two for our suppliers to obtain. however we do not charge any extra for these. These flavours include certain berries and wild ingredients that can be as specific as they need to be to benefit an unwell pet who is suffering a certain disease or illness. Vets are amazing people who are in the business of prescribing chemical medications only for your pets, we offer a more organic approach by adding the kind of ingredients that were used long before veterinarians were around. If you have any ideas on how you feel we may be of best service to help your pet please feel free to offer up your suggestions. Anything that can be of aid to a pet with an illness, if we don’t know we will always research and give your pet the best ingredients for your legs needs.

DIETRY SPECIFIC::: If your looking for gluten free treats or something specifically to aid your pets diet. Should your pet be diabetic or have liver or heart issues or have intolerance to grain Please contact us prior to ordering. I have many ingredients to add to your treats already however some I may need to source so please contact me to enquire.. If your pet is elderly I can add glucosamine and chondriton to the mix. If your pet has sensitive stomach issues i can add boiled rice and ginger. If your pet has grain allergies I have a range of different ingredients I can use. Please message me as there is NO cost for this particular services it’s just some specifics illnesses require specialist Berries, Herbs or roots, I have quite a range already but I would like to discuss these with you to find the best option to suit your pets needs and I may need to expand my ingredients and may need time to order these. I have ingredients that can naturally slow down certain cancers in dogs. I have an arsenal of specific ingredients for many ailments such as bowel issues etc so please If you have any questions at all contact me to discuss your specific requirements....

PLEASE NOTE: we are currently looking for a cheaper postage carrier, when we have done this we will pass any reduction on to you the customer. 

OUR PRODUCTS...... All our treats can easily be frozen for longevity, also we have cited on eBay 3 days to post out treats as each one of our orders are made freshly to each customers orders, we do not carry over any stock. Firstly there simply is not space to store everything we need, and we believe every pet is different and some recipes may need tweaking, customers may want ingredients added or taken away. The first 24 hours are spent sourcing the ingredients freshly and Baking them soon after, the next 24 hours will see your biscuits going through their drying out process before being cooled and wrapped, and. Finally said treats being posted out to you. We do aim to turn around orders in 48 hours wherever possible. We ONLY POST OUT Monday through to Thursday as we do not want our treats sitting around a sorting office and longer than necessary. 

STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS::: Lately we have been asked to produce softer treats for older pets, this has considerably changed the dynamics of our treats meaning a shorter shelf life. Our storage instructions are that the upon receipt of your treats they be refrigerated as bacteria can easily penetrate Soft treats. Even our ordinary hard treats now need refrigerated as people are turning up their central heating. And the mix of cold nights and warm days causes a build up of condensation which in turn causes bacteria to breed. please note We add NO preservatives to prolong the lifespan of any of our organic treats, it’s winter and everyone has their heating going full time and as every ingredient is natural and organic and therefore heat sensitive. Our exacting methods of drying out your biscuits ensure your biscuits can be safely stored refrigerated for up to 3 months. Also Please ask us about our natural organic treats to rid your dog of unwanted (fleas, ticks, mites, lice etc) Hosts.

INGREDIENTS......I’m all about organic, I source my ingredients locally and within a 15 mile radius of Northumberland where farm assured and locally grow are not just words, they are standards of quality. My suppliers like myself have a reputation to maintain and without it they nor I would not be in business very long. 

FLAVOURS::::Peanut Butter & Banana:::: Toulouse sausage and fresh flat leaf parsley parsley::: Chicken & and Parmesan::: Turkey, spinach and Parmesan::: Beef and heart::: Liver and Black pudding::: Steak and kidney::: Boiled chicken, brown rice and freshly grated ginger, for pets with a sensitive stomach. These flavours will change monthly to give our regular customers some variety. This listing is updated regularly as and when other flavours are available from our suppliers, our Easter range in March and April as always will contain LAMB, WILD RABBIT & VENISON. If you need to address your pets DIETRY needs please ask as I am able to cater for most, if not all conditions. We can add certain berries herbs or spices to any flavour treats you require which will be available on a separate listing also come with a £1 surcharge per bag. We have a terrific line in diabetic treats, and having two diabetic dogs in the family this recipe has had some tweaking to get this as near to perfect as possible. We specialise in many flavours of Treats which have my own home grown, (allotment) grown fresh produce added wherever possible, like parsley and rosemary and mint etc. With added chondriton in treats for older dogs and added, parsley as a natural aid to Fresh breath, olive oil for bones and a healthy shiny coat and conditioner as an aid for the dogs bones. If your pet has a health condition and you need certain items adding to a treat as a health benefit or equally If there is a just specific flavour you require then I’m open to suggestions so please drop me a line. I am able to bake treats softer for older pets, or larger sized treats for the larger sized breed of dog. 

OUR ESPECIALLY DESIGNED RANGE:: With you in mind: As well as the extensive range of flavours on offer, here at canine organics we know that every dog is different and your canine companion may have his/her favourite flavour mixed with a specific ingredient to treat what ails them. If you wish to use this service please contact us first to allow me time to check availability with my local suppliers. 

Especially designed ALSO Means if your canine companion is a much larger breed or a toy/miniature dog then I can make treat sizes to your specific requirements. You would still get 200g in weight regardless of size of individual treats. For 27 years of my life I baked to my customers specific requirements so Nothing is to much trouble for me when it comes your pets. 

COMING SOON...... I’m introducing some exiting new flavours in the coming months to coincide with Easter some of the benefits our customers are reporting they are using our treats in a number of ways, for instance in training, the bite size ones which are excellent for puppy class/training or maybe for the dogs who need an extra incentive to return to their owners at your command or just a simple treat when your out and about walking your canine companion. As well as the much larger treat which is more suited to the larger breed dog. All our treats will be 200g minimum in weight regardless of the size treat you purchase. 

SPECIAL DIETRY NEED TREATS: I am in the process of adding more pet treats designed specifically with owners of poorly pets and their specific needs. Example: Age related treats are made softer, dogs with heart conditions or gluten/Wheat intolerance, pets with liver or kidney infections, pets with certain cancers or owners of pets with none of these diseases who are simply wanting treats designed as a preventative and so on. I can offer some exotic flavours like kangaroo, wild Boar, Reindeer, and alligator treats, however you would need contact me prior to ordering our more exotic range as I need to order these specifically, I don’t use frozen meats I use fresh meat only. Other treats include. Duck in orange and Northumberland honey::: Roasted lamb and fresh mint/rosemary, wild caught Rabbit and Blackberries.. And many others. I’ve a line in Breath bombs for dogs breath, activated charcoal and fresh parsley and mint. One of our top sellers in stores are our flea bites, Freshly prepared garlic and olive oil, the garlic in-jested by your pet slowly releases through the skin and into their coat, making their bodies inhabitable to fleas and ticks, the garlic also gets into dogs bloodstream and taints the blood it so any host biting and attempting to feed off your pets blood is repelled by the taste. The smell of garlic on your pet is unnoticeable to humans but can be detected by fleas, ticks and mites etc. Grain free treats for pets who have allergies to grains: I can substitute the flour to a grain free alternative and have ingredients that are perfect to use. Please ask before ordering under this section as the grain free flours are a little more expensive. I need specialist suppliers. 

ABOUT US....... I started up canine organics several years ago after my daughter and her husband grew tired of wasting money on shop bought dog treats that had a 2 year plus sell by date on that were filled with chemicals to preserve there shelf life. I’m retired now but for the last 27 years of my life I’ve had the pleasure of being a fully qualified hand craft Baker. A career I’ve loved, so when my daughter and my best friend asked if I could make them some organic treats to see if their dogs would like them I agreed. My friend has Bedlington terriers which are very fussy eaters. Word of mouth and referrals from satisfied customers has seen an expansion in the range of treats i now offer, and with buy two packets and get 1 free on all flavours of my organic treats these are sure to be a hit with your canine companion. 

Marshmallow Root, Fresh Rabbit, Eggs & Green Vegetables (ORGANIC and GRAIN FREE) Dog Biscuits (pk 30)

Marshmallow Root, Fresh Rabbit, Eggs & Green Vegetables (ORGANIC and GRAIN FREE) Dog Biscuits (pk 30)

*Order any 2 bags of any of our products then we will provide you with 1 free bag *THIS PRODUCT.......


Bacon and Cheese (DIABETIC) - Grain Free  Small Dog biscuits (pk of 50) hover image

Bacon and Cheese (DIABETIC) - Grain Free Small Dog biscuits (pk of 50)

*Order any 2 bags of any of our products then we will provide you with 1 free bag *GRAIN FREE DIABET..


Cheese & Bacon softer bake Puppy & Older Dog Grain Free Dog Biscuits (Pk of 30) hover image

Cheese & Bacon softer bake Puppy & Older Dog Grain Free Dog Biscuits (Pk of 30)

           Order any 2 bags of any of our products then we will provid..


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