• 50 X Venison Marshmallow & Nettle Dog Biscuits.

DOG ALLERGIES (EYES): GRAIN FREE VENISON, MARSHMALLOW & NETTLE Dog Biscuit. This is the season many people can become affected by pollen allergies. But did you know your dog can suffer these allergies all year round, and not just to pollen. A dogs symptoms are the same as ours. Watery eyes, which may or may not be accompanied by squinting, excessively tearing up, itchy, irritable and looking bloodshot red. Any or all of these are a sign your dog has allergies. These allergies are not limited to just pollen and can last all year round. Some common things that your dog may have allergies to can range from the materials (fabrics)in and around your home as well as the household spray cleaners you use to clean your home. Staying with home is the dust that accumulates in our homes. Another of the common allergies your dog can react badly to could be the perfume or toiletries your using to medications your dog is taking or using, including their flea collar and many many more in-between. If you are a sufferer yourself then you will know just how uncomfortable this can be. When a dog has an itchy eye it uses its claws to rub/soothe the itch but in many cases this can lead to a more severe case of inflammatory issues leading to a serious eye infection. As with any type of allergy this biscuit flavour is only available as a grain free option. Locally sustained Venison, marshmallow and Nettle dog biscuits. 50 x small biscuits £6.99 buy 2 bags (£13.98) get 1 bag free, as always postage is completely free on as many bags/flavours you wish. The full ADD-ON Range is available with this flavour in the various sizes.

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50 X Venison Marshmallow & Nettle Dog Biscuits.

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