Mission Statement

Our Mission


Canine Organics LTD. is a trademark for providing hygienic organic dog biscuits and cakes Canine-organics. Canine Organics LTD. has been serving its customers for more than 12 years. We are committed to making foods that dogs enjoy while providing nutrition that enhances their health and well-being.

Our Mission is to help pets live longer, happier, and healthier lives through proper nutrition and care. We have a fundamental responsibility to provide safe, palatable, and nutritious products made to the highest standards of quality and safety.

Canine Organics LTD. exists for people who are serious about their dogs, who make sure that their dogs get the best of everything. People who want the best nutrition and the best gear for their dogs. That includes everyone from loving pet parents to participants and competitors in all types of dog events. 

Canine Organics LTD. is determined to provide high-quality, practical food and gear for dogs and only dogs. We believe that the best possible food is attainable for our dogs. We think that our dogs deserve the same quality ingredients and processes that we have. We believe that organic and all-natural are not just words, but are pathways to healthier, happier lives.

Our goal is to make a great-tasting high-quality treat and to foster great dog/people relationships everywhere. At Canine Organics LTD. we believe in the highest quality ingredients – 100% natural ingredients that are UK Certified Organic and Made in the UK. We believe everyone should love a dog, and we believe that because dogs make a difference in our lives, we should make a difference in theirs.

Our vision is to lead the premium segment of the pet food market worldwide through our position as the recognized global leader in nutritional health care for pets. We want the world to know that Canine Organics LTD. provides the best pet foods a pet owner can buy. We’re turning our unconditional love for dogs into uncomplicated care. And that starts with what you put in their bowl