What are the benefits of:: VITAMINS in your dogs diet: Much like humans, dogs also require daily access to vitamins and minerals, some of these may not be present in your dogs daily dog food and for that reason they are included in abundance in the choice of dog biscuits you choose to buy from canine-organics.

Vitamin A: Is responsible for Growth, Foetal development and immune and cell function.

Vitamin B: Plays a vital role in your dogs health. Thiamine which helps to regulate energy and carbohydrate metabolism.

Vitamin B6: Is especially vital as it is responsible for Glucose generation, Red blood cells and for the Nervous system. Also for Hormone & Immune systems and a whole host of other things.

Vitamin C: is an important antioxidant which source out  free radicals from your dogs body as well as reducing inflammation and cognitive ageing.

Vitamin D: is the sunshine vitamin, found in abundance emitting from the sunshine, without the D vitamin your dog would not properly develop, Vitamin D is Essential for bone growth, strong teeth and healthy muscles.

Vitamin E: Essential for cell function and fat metabolism. Deficiencies can lead to eye and muscle degeneration as well as reproductive problems.

Vitamin K: Is instrumental in activating your dogs blood clotting abilities.