Quality Control


Thank you for visiting our website today.  My name's Lottie and I'm in charge of Research & Development at Canine Organics.    

Guarding the oven door

We doggy parent only bakes natural, wholesome and healthy pet treats using the very best ingredients. And in my role as the company's chief taste tester, I can guarantee they are all really delicious!! *wags tail* and *blushes*

Initially, all our biscuits and treats are developed and tested by the humans in the Canine Organics kitchen before I can get my paws on them.

I will eat almost anything BUT the humans know me well enough to be able to read the signs. They know that if I guard the oven door while the biscuits are baking, it's a good sign.  If I barely twitch a whisker, it's not good! Only once did I have to spit out a biscuit that I just didn't like and the humans threw the rest in the bin straight away!!

Once a biscuit gets my enthusiastic ‘paws up’, it is then distributed amongst my army of volunteer paw friends. Their valuable feedback determines whether it will make it onto our product range or not.

At Canine Organics the humans will mix, shape, bake and pack every single order we receive by hand. No robots here! This means that if something's a bit overcooked or undercooked when it's finished baking, or doesn't pass my sniff test, then it will be rejected.

The humans then individually seal each bag to retain their freshness. They are then carefully packed into postal boxes for mailing, along with a recorded delivery slip to ensure they can track your parcel from our door to yours. Of course I will always give it the final sniff of approval before it gets taken off for posting.

So you see, we do everything we possibly can to ensure our biscuits and treats are baked to perfection and delivered safely for my paw friends to enjoy.

Lots of licks and tail wags!


Lottie x