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This is a service I provide as a thank you to my customers for their business.

I have been in business for over 13 years now so all of my listings marked (ADD-ONS)  is my way of thanking my customers. These products are listed cheaply as I know finding good organic home-baked treats can be difficult for parents of dogs with a certain illness.

For example, Diabetic dogs or dogs who suffer Hyperthyroidism or dogs with allergies to wheat or gluten or dogs who have a dry coat, or itchy flaky skin, Alopecia, and a whole lot more.

It’s ok giving your dogs biscuits daily but sometimes you may want something smaller to treat them outdoors as part of training or recall or perhaps indoors you just want a big bone as a special treat.

I can bake all of these any way any size.

These products come to you postage-free.

Perhaps you only want a couple of bones or a few chew sticks.

These can be costly when purchasing from other sellers as postage would be included.

I can offer this service as I’m already posting out an order to you so adding a couple of large bones won’t cost me any more postage.

To qualify for an ADD-ON Item you must first already be ordering any two bags of biscuits where the third bag is free, this would qualify you to include any and as many ADD-ON products to your basket as you like.

These ADD-ON Product orders are to be purchased at the same time as your original order and should your dog have any of the above illnesses or any specific illness, the ADD-ONS will have the exact same ingredients added to them making them equally as beneficial to your canine companion. 

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