• Fresh Tuna & Kelp Dog Biscuits  (pk of 30)

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FRESH TUNA STEAK & KELP. Part of the new low-fat dog biscuits. Each individual biscuit has an exact fat content of only: 0.0778 grams of fat per biscuit. This biscuit flavour is available in Grain-free, suitable for vegetarians and dogs with gluten and wheat allergies and is also. This biscuit is of particular benefit to a range of dogs including. It can be of benefit to dogs with sight issues, it can lower their chances of developing cataracts and glaucoma later in life. For sick dogs, The protein is readily absorbed into your dog's bloodstream without your dog's body has to work too hard for it, making this biscuit perfect for dogs who are sick or losing their appetite. It has a high fibre content which has anti-inflammatory and anti Rheumatic properties for dogs prone to joint pain such as arthritis later in life. If your dog is prone to eating grass this biscuit could see an end to that. The low-fat portion and the main reason I researched these flavours are so parents of overweight dogs do not feel guilty treating their pets and can give their pets biscuits in the knowledge that they are extremely low in fat. And finally,  the flavour and all of the above benefits make it a great choice for any dogs of all ages breeds and sizes. 0.0778 grams of fat per Grain-free biscuit.

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Fresh Tuna & Kelp Dog Biscuits (pk of 30)

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Tags: Venison, Blueberry & Hawthorn (GRAIN FREE) Dog Biscuits (pk of 30)