• 50 X Organic Grain Free Biscuits. Buy 2 bags get 1 bag free

This listing is for Grain Free Biscuits for dogs. This particular listing is for dogs with sensitive skin, ALOPECIA, EXZMA, ITCHY/FLAKY/DRY SKIN, AND POOR COAT CONDITION. Slightly more than my other flavors as this biscuit is made from Natural spring water. And has natural organic ingredients, dandelion, marshmallow and nettle.  What is the importance of water in regard to your dog's skin condition? Please read below.

THE IMPORTANCE OF WATER; In your dog's diet. Water is not only important as part of your dog's daily diet, it can also be the reason some dogs have poor quality coats. In some areas, water quality can be attributed to dull lifeless coats in some dogs. Bottled natural spring water is by far the best option for your dogs as it contains no impurities. Where some owners may have multiple dogs and buying Bottled spring water could be a financial burden then you can filter your water to remove any contaminants. Also If you feed canned dog food this is mostly water, check the label to see where the water is from. The more expensive feed will contain the best water. If it’s not good enough for me, it’s not good enough for my dog is my philosophy. My grain-free dog biscuits for dogs with ALOPECIA, EXZMA DRY, ITCHY FLAKY SKIN and other skin conditions including a Poor, Dull, or Lifeless coat Are now all being made with Natural Springwater. 

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50 X Organic Grain Free Biscuits. Buy 2 bags get 1 bag free

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