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VENISON GRAVY BONES: One of the very leanest cuts of meat I offer, ideal for dogs that are slightly overweight Due to the lack of body fat this animal has. This flavour is also available as a diabetic option due to the leanness of this meat. VENISON GRAVY has that strong natural gamey flavour that masks the herbs used in diabetic treats, it is recommended that for Newley diagnoses diabetic dogs that this is the first flavour ordered so your dogs Readily accept the herbs used to control a dogs blood (glucose) sugar levels.  With their strong gamey flavours these are a natural organic delight to any dog lucky enough to have these bought for them. Buying organic is the best option for your dog but organic does have its downside. That downside is that organic treats have no preservatives added meaning the meat content can degrade much more quickly But the positive side is that if you follow the storage instructions on the packaging they store quite well. Another positive to organic is you know exactly what is in the food you are buying and knowing you're giving your dog the very best Dog biscuits you can. I use only the very leanest Cuts of meats in all of my treats but with venison pretty much all of the meat is lean due to the active nature of this magnificent beast so you are assured the best quality. I am a registered business and classed as a Pet food retailer and as such I am therefore subject to the laws of the land, this means at anytime the food standard agency can use their powers to purchase and test my products, so when I say I’m using nothing but the finest cuts of beef and heart and I add no preservatives I am in fact selling what I advertise. Why should you buy from me when there are so many people on the internet selling quality products. As well as quality ingredients you are getting the benefit of my experience, I have served for over 30 years as a fully qualified handcraft baker and I no my trade. I’ve been baking dogs biscuits now for 11 plus years and I have built up a regular following. Please do not take my word for this, I have a customer testimonials page where customers are encouraged to leave any feedback they wish, as long as it is honest I agree to leave any negative comments as well as long as they do not contain any profanities. 

These are in Packs of 30

OUR PRODUCTS...... Each order is made freshly on the day of purchase, the first 24 hours are spent sourcing the ingredients fresh and Baking them, the next 24 hours see,s the biscuits going through their drying process before being cooled and wrapped and posted out to you. Storage is recommended in a cool dark place in your home in an airtight container preferably in your fridge. Our treats can be frozen perfectly well.

INGREDIENTS......We are all about organic, We source our ingredients locally and within a 15-mile radius of Northumberland where farm assured and locally grow are not just words, they are standards of quality. My suppliers like myself have a reputation to maintain and without it they nor I would not be in business very long.

STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS: All of our products are sold fresh and organic, meaning we nor our suppliers add any artificial preservatives to prolong the life of our products. Therefore storage is recommended to be refrigerated only or frozen.

ESPECIALLY DESIGNED We at canine-organics understand that each and every pet is different, For that reason, we Bake each individual treat especially with your pet in mind: As well as the extensive range of flavours we offer, here at canine organics we know that every dog has different dietary needs and your canine companion may also have his/her favourite flavour. If you wish to use this service please contact us first to allow time to check availability with our local suppliers. Especially designed also means if your canine companion is a much larger breed or a toy/miniature dog then I can make these to your requirements. For 27 years of my life, I baked to my customers exacting specific requirements so nothing is too much trouble when it comes to looking after your pets.

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Venison Organic Gravy Bone Dog Biscuits - (DIABETIC) (pk of 30)

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